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Projects: OSEC is currently engaged in serving many schools through participation in a number of projects. Learn more...
Governance: OSEC is governed directly through its member institutions. Discover who currently serves on the OSEC board, how the board operates, and more... Click Here for OSEC Strategic Planning Documents!

Events: The Oceti Sakowin Education Consortium provides opportunities for professional development, school improvement, technology integration, and more...

Employment: OSEC is looking for highly qualified individuals who desire challenging and fullfilling careers. The OSEC Employment site is a good place to start that career. Check here often to find out more about available positions, salary schedules, benefits, and more. Click to find out more...

:: Click Here for the OSEC/SD Gear Up Middle School Curriculum ::

The OSEC Vision
The Oceti Sakowin Education Consortium bridges distance to unite, identify, and share resources and to communicate through collaborative teaching and learning.

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